Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hello Fellow PRIM Lovers!

I am sooo new to computers and technology. My sweet old daddy had a cell phone before I did!

Ha! No joke...I fought it tooth and nail until I realized just how convenient they truly are. So now I am behind the times trying to catch up. Thank God I am determined!! If nothing else I have stubborn streak a mile long, just ask my sweet old daddy (heehee!) and my seam ripper!

I love to craft! I've been crafting as long as I can remember. I learned how to sew from Home ec. class (grade 5-12). I loved it!! Thank you Mrs. Stacey!!
Some of my favorite things to make are soaps, candles, tote bags, quilts, pillows, tissue covers, dolls...the list goes on and on. If I don't know how to make something (I love a good challenge!) I study it and experiment and work, work, work at it until I get it right! My favorite way to learn is for someone to "show me" how to do something. I guess that makes me a visual learner and someone who appreciates you tube videos!

One day, a few years back, I was wandering (blindly) around the internet, when I stumbled across a primitive site. I got all warm and tingly feeling in my belly and as this sensation flowed to my arms and legs and settled in my heart, I realized...I love prim! If you can see something old and rusty and appreciate the value and history of this unique item, you are a prim lover too and you know what I mean!
and so now I buy new material and soak it in prim juice and bake it in the oven, paint it and sand it.

I take this new material and beat the living day lights out of it until it looks like it was dug up by an archeology dig studying pioneer days. No one ever said primitive crafting was sane!
There are so many talented primitive artist that I have learned from online that I feel the need to give thanks...Thanks. Lilliemae's crafts (awesome site, every thing's free!!), the sisterhood of Prim Chat Radio -listen to them on the 1st and 3rd Monday each month or check out the archived shows (funny ladies-guaranteed to make you laugh!!) and the talented group of crafters that would gladly and whole heartily answer any quandaries on a prim forum called a Primitive Journey started by a neat lady, Diane.